Three glasses with stained, pink and white wine.

From our bodega, its experience

Anyone who understands wine knows that the Bodega is the home where the grape undergoes the marvellous natural process which transforms it into wine. But for the end product of this to be the prodigious gift which flows in the glass you have to have good masters.

In Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa an expert team of professionals oversee the process and lead the fruit along the paths which will earn it the prestige of its label.

Silence, calm and an almost reverential respect for what the casks contain create an incomparable atmosphere. In Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa everything has a taste of fine wine.

Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa, Ctra. Rincón de Soto, s/n. 26560 Autol, La Rioja. Telephone +34 941 40 13 27 Fax +34 941 39 00 65

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