Three glasses with stained, pink and white wine.

Nature made art

Wine is one of those pillars which transcend mere culinary art to bear permanent witness to the history of mankind. Since Neolithic times, to judge by the evidence uncovered in the Zagros mountains in modern-day Georgia and Armenia, where the oldest known wine cellar (6000 years BC) is situated, the spread of vine growing, thanks in particular to the spread of Christianity, wine has accompanied human beings in their main celebrations.

Fort he same reason it is also transformed into an art form, because its cultivation from the vine and the care it receives in the winery cannot be considered as anything less. The know-how of those who put their name to our wines, as well as the silence and the time that give the wines their personality, make labels like Marqués de Reinosa, Cecios, Gárdenos or Viñestral unmistakable. They are all carefully crafted wines, in the knowledge that the challenge lies in highlighting the quality of the grapes from which they are made. Consequently, these are wines highly regarded by those who understand that “naturalness”, in the strictest sense of the Word, is what gives its distinctive character to the best wine. 

Our wines

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