La Rioja is a land of wine and we are masters of it

The soils of these lands are located in the basins of the rivers Ebro and Cidacos, and are mainly made up of tertiary material. Conglomerates, sandstones, loamy clays and sands stand out, with some carbonate and gypsiferous levels. The soils are light-franchy, with low organic matter content and low fertility, very suitable for the production of quality grapes.

The vineyards are located between 500 and 750 m above sea level with a typical continental Mediterranean climate, cold winters and hot, dry summers. The average annual rainfall is between 400 and 600 mm per year. These climatic conditions, with Mediterranean influences, add to the intense personality of our wines.

The art of harvesting

At Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa, the magical moment of the harvest is the culmination of a year of care and passion for the land. When the sun caresses the ripe grapes, our harvesters delicately select the bunches, like precious jewels. Each step, from harvesting to fermentation, is a tribute to tradition and the art of viticulture. In each bottle of our wine, you will find the flavour of a unique time and place, steeped in love and dedication.

White Tempranillo

The jewel of our vineyards, it awakens the soul with its freshness and elegance. Its notes of citrus fruits and white flowers reveal the purity of the land and the love of our winemakers growers in every sip.

Red Tempranillo

The heart of our wine passion. A warm embrace in every glass. Its aromas of red fruits and its robustness bring to each sip an emotional journey to the essence of our tradition. of our tradition.

White Grenache

Elegant and fresh with fruity nuances. It gives us the purity and the purity and passion of the land in every sip, inviting us on a sensory journey of emotions and pleasure.

Red Mazuelo

The bold soul that gives life to our wines. Its notes of dark dark fruit notes and its deep personality give us the strength and the strength and authenticity of our wines.

Red Garnacha

A very traditional variety from the Rioja Baja area and whose grapes are well represented in our “Colección Privada” and “Selección” wines.


Experience the passion and history behind our wines on an unforgettable wine tourism trip that will awaken your senses. Come and toast with us for an authentic wine experience in La Rioja with Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa.


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