Noble history, noble wines

The Marquis of Reinosa, who gave his name and authorship to our winery, had an eventful life, marked by his profession as a Marine, and later as a Senator, until his death in 1908. His is above all the merit and the courage to create in the Rioja town of Autol (La Rioja) a winery that soon gained prominence, among other things, for being one of the first in Spain to export its wines beyond our borders.

More than fifty years ago, the San Isidro Labrador Cooperative Winery was founded, a reflection of the cooperative spirit of the Rioja town and which bore fruit in the genesis of Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa.

At Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa we have maintained a certain pioneering character, wisely combined with tradition and know-how in vineyards and wineries, to achieve wines with their own temperament and personality.

The evolution of the winery

The winemaking hall has 107 stainless steel tanks fully equipped for perfect control of the maceration and fermentation processes. The winery has an ageing capacity of more than one million litres in its two ageing rooms. At the end of the process, the bottling line allows a production of up to 5,500 bottles/hour, both for cork closure and screw-cup or screw-cup closure.
The two barrel rooms, with a surface area of 1,200 m2, currently house 5,000 225-litre oak barrels, 70% of which are of American origin and the remaining 30% of French origin.

Barrel room

“Silence, stillness and an almost reverential respect create a unique atmosphere.”

Expert hands

But for it to end in the small prodigy that then floods the glass which then floods the glass, it is necessary to have good good masters. At Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa, an expert team of professionals expert team of professionals watch over and guide the the fruit along the paths that will later honour the prestige of its label. the prestige of its label.


Experience the passion and history behind our wines on an unforgettable wine tourism trip that will awaken your senses. Come and toast with us for an authentic wine experience in La Rioja with Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa.


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